Slight delay

Good afternoon everyone,

There’s been a slight delay in my blogging life while I did fun things put my back out (five weeks worth of difficulty sitting) and then starting to arrange things like getting married (last Saturday, lovely day .. rain held off just long enough for the ceremony, but had us dashing to our cars just after it), and now there’s buying the house, renovating it, and then moving into it. Such a lot to do.

The blog is on my mind, and my questions are always with me. I shall get back to it all .. as soon as I can.

Wishing everyone great happiness,
Love & Peace

2 thoughts on “Slight delay

  1. HELLO: AMA ” Congratulations ”

    I have not been doing any new writing on my blog lately. I have been reading some, or rereading a book that I like and I thought you would like it also, because it is about the great controversy, and it covers many of the topics which we have shared our views of in our blogs. Sending you a copy of a part of chapter (36) and also a online link to the book. ” The Great Controversy ” by E.G. White.

    The Great Controversy
    Between Christ and Satan

    Chapter 36
    The Impending Conflict

    No error accepted by the Christian world strikes more boldly against the authority of Heaven, none is more directly opposed to the dictates of reason, none is more pernicious in its results, than the modern doctrine, so rapidly gaining ground, that God’s law is no longer binding upon men. Every nation has its laws, which command respect and obedience; no government could exist without them; and can it be conceived that the Creator of the heavens and the earth has no law to govern the beings He has made? Suppose that prominent ministers were publicly to teach that the statutes which govern their land and protect the rights of its citizens were not obligatory–that they restricted the liberties of the people, and therefore ought not to be obeyed; how long would such men be tolerated in the pulpit? But is it a graver offense to disregard the laws of states and nations than to trample upon those divine precepts which are the foundation of all government?
    It would be far more consistent for nations to abolish their statutes, and permit the people to do as they please, than for the Ruler of the universe to annul His law, and leave the world without a standard to condemn the guilty or justify the obedient. Would we know the result of making void the law of God? The experiment has been tried. Terrible were the scenes enacted in France when atheism became the controlling power. It was then demonstrated to the world that to throw off the restraints which God has imposed is to accept the rule of the cruelest of tyrants. When the standard of righteousness is set aside, the way is open for the prince of evil to establish his power in the earth.
    Wherever the divine precepts are rejected, sin ceases to appear sinful or righteousness desirable. Those who refuse to submit to the government of God are wholly unfitted to govern themselves. Through their pernicious teachings the spirit of insubordination is implanted in the hearts of children and youth, who are naturally impatient of control; and a lawless, licentious state of society results. While scoffing at the credulity of those who obey the requirements of God,
    Page 585
    the multitudes eagerly accept the delusions of Satan. They give the rein to lust and practice the sins which have called down judgments upon the heathen.
    Those who teach the people to regard lightly the commandments of God sow disobedience to reap disobedience. Let the restraint imposed by the divine law be wholly cast aside, and human laws would soon be disregarded. Because God forbids dishonest practices, coveting, lying, and defrauding, men are ready to trample upon His statutes as a hindrance to their worldly prosperity; but the results of banishing these precepts would be such as they do not anticipate. If the law were not binding, why should any fear to transgress? Property would no longer be safe. Men would obtain their neighbor’s possessions by violence, and the strongest would become richest. Life itself would not be respected. The marriage vow would no longer stand as a sacred bulwark to protect the family. He who had the power, would, if he desired, take his neighbor’s wife by violence. The fifth commandment would be set aside with the fourth. Children would not shrink from taking the life of their parents if by so doing they could obtain the desire of their corrupt hearts. The civilized world would become a horde of robbers and assassins; and peace, rest, and happiness would be banished from the earth.

    God Bless You and Your Family : Your Friend Stephen

    • Hello Stephen, as usual you have sparked a ton of thoughts, and I thank you for that. πŸ™‚

      Also for the congratulations, πŸ™‚ and for the book. Interesting lady. It seems she first wrote it in 1888. Over 100 years later we are still waiting for hell to land on our heads; so were the people of nearly 2000 years ago, when the books like Revelation first appeared.

      While I agree totally with her assessment that humanity is ‘going to hell’ (the phrase, not the place), I really think its one we are making for ourselves. Oh yes, demons inspire those who are vulnerable to their attachment, but mostly I think the problem is really us. It takes time, energy and effort to follow the teachings of our Lord, and yet so many people do it automatically (be kind to others, love one another, honour thy parents etc) without ever knowing Christ at all. Are they going to automatically join the hypocritical Christians (pedophile priests etc) in hell just because they don’t believe what we believe? Is God such a monster? And there are so few Christians who actually live the commandments, rather than just giving them ‘lip-service’ in church .. maybe Revelation is right. Maybe, by the time the ‘end’ arrives, most people will have stopped trying to be good, because society is so nasty now and so many are simply struggling to survive, there will only be 144,000 of them left to go to Heaven. It’s going to be a very quiet space if that’s true.

      I wish Christianity wasn’t based in fear of God, or fear of what MIGHT happen, if a person believes that Revelation is a fact, rather than someone else’s fantasy, or an expression of someone’s desire for revenge. It’s funny to me, because Revelation paints Jesus as an avenging warrior, and yet the Gospels actually show him as a kind and gentle person (apart from a bit of a temper) who reached out to everyone, and preached Love. Where is the Love in Revelation? Oh no, its the Messiah with the fiery sword coming to swoop down and throw most of God’s humanity into hell, along with the devils God also created. Is it their punishment to continue to punish us, just like they attempt to do to ordinary people today? I thought they would be enjoying it too much .. doesn’t sound like punishment for them at all. Hmm.. or is it two separate hells?

      Sigh. There are not ten commandments. There is only one. “Love one another as I have loved you”. Maybe when we stop trying to be perfect, admit we are struggling, and just try to Love, maybe then we’ll find God in all the faces of ‘all’ the people around us, instead of seeing them as threats to our security – homneland or otherwise.

      The other day I went to a Mind Body Spirit type of fair here in Melbourne, and I had some long chats with two groups of Muslims. The ladies had set up a Sanctuary in the middle of a heck of a lot of noisy booths selling dreams and nonsense. They weren’t selling anything, just providing a quiet place to sit for a while. They were truly lovely. We poked some very tough subjects in our talks, like Jihad .. including the Christian version. Their religion is also based in peace, with some of them taking things to extremes (christian inquisition?) .. like the newspapers who enjoy stirring up trouble for everyone! The other group, mostly men, gave away free information about the Muslim religion, in slim hopes that some people might watch the dvds and read the literature. They are trying to undo what the media is creating .. more fear. And they are true believers, just like me .. only their God is called Allah, and mine is called God/EL, but to me they are one Being, not different ones.

      I am tired of war mongering. I am tired of the media and their need to sell newspapers (make money) – so they invade people’s private phone calls, and then lie when they are caught. I am tired of hypocritcal Christians who say one thing and do another. In a sense that’s why I gave up going to Church. The last sermon I remember quite well, was a married Anglican Bishop condemning women again (I wondered how his wife felt about his vitriole .. and he was horrible), because of what Eve DID TO Adam. She handed him a piece of ‘apple’, he could have said ‘no thanks’. I’ve jumped in and out of churches ever since, always looking for God among the ministers – we have more luck on the internet, fundamentalists may be fierce, but at least they are speaking their minds, and often their hearts. Even the TV evangalists turn out to be money-hungry liars.

      Let’s write about God now, and not rely on people’s opinions for the late 1800’s. Where is God now, Stephen – in your heart and mine. I really enjoy some of the modern writers, even those who, like me, take the bible apart looking for the ‘reality’ of God among the ‘mythology’ of the far past. It’s good to have the ashes of our belief stirred up into fires again .. it keeps us warms, and alive in Christ.

      And I want everyone to be ‘ALIVE IN CHRIST’ ..

      Love & Peace

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