Observing Genesis: Cain and Abel

Sometimes the most interesting part of my bible is the writer’s commentary at the bottom of each page.  Their interpretation of the text makes me sit back and wonder .. wonder where they got that idea from?  The story of Cain and Abel is a classic example.  Who were they?  Two of the sons of … Continue reading Observing Genesis: Cain and Abel


Observing Genesis: God and Adam, who created humanity?

God created Adam; we will ignore Lilith for the purpose of this discussion.  We know God created Adam, because he did it twice.  I have to wonder what was wrong with the first version.  That being said, I looked up Genesis and it reads “Let ‘us’ make humankind in our image, according to our likeness … Continue reading Observing Genesis: God and Adam, who created humanity?

God, my way

I had a man come to the door a few weeks ago, clutching some white paper, neatly folded.  I opened the door cheerfully and he told me he was from a local town, specifically a church in a local town.  Being me, I love discussing theology, belief, the bible and people’s opinions about all of … Continue reading God, my way