What if God was one of us …

Today is a busy day … I have been to town (30 kms away), taken my mother to the doctor, done some shopping .. come home before we hit 35 Celsius (95F) and have spent the afternoon editing everything I’ve written since I started these writings back in 2011.  I have corrected spelling mistakes, missing words, unscrambled a few sentences, but not changed the meanings of anything that has gone before.

So .. since it is still hot, even with the fan blowing across my back, I thought I would provide a bit of light entertainment, instead of some long words about the Wisdom subjects I am examining.  They are three of my favourite creations, a short film and two songs .. the common theme is ‘God’.

The first …

Glenn Owen Dodds – definitely Australian Humour.  Always makes me smile …


What if God was one of us?  But he was …. .


This one seems like a rather silly question, because we know she did … but the song is beautiful and the sound uplifting.

Love & Peace, Ama


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